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Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm (MST3K short) Part 2 of 2

Posted on 28 July 2015 by admin

Uncle Jim’s Dairy Farm MST3K short Owned by RHINO

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  1. BionicTurtleWizard Says:

    Doing chores all day with smelly animals? No thank-you…

  2. dixonite Says:

    “Ah yes, now’s the time for Unle Jims fundamentailist dogma”….

  3. 7flyinghecks Says:

    I love how they show the calves but in no way mention that a dairy cow has to have one every year to keep producing milk. No wonder so many people think that cows just ‘give’ milk.

  4. pbanta62 Says:

    That last pig looked suspiciously like Ned Beatty…

  5. sygo7g Says:

    @NorwichTeenwolf How I felt. I don’t know how my forefathers ever had to put up with that s–t for ages.

  6. sygo7g Says:

    @DGF2099 I almost collapsed at that!

  7. NorwichTeenwolf Says:

    This film made me want to live on a farm. And it also made me so, so glad that I don’t live on a farm.

  8. purpleshamrock17 Says:

    “look at all the wonderful things to eat…at resturants”
    “mostly just butter”
    “just throw them their winter clothes and then floor it!”
    “goodbye, we’ll send you that arm if we find it!”

  9. CTHimes Says:

    “Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say….”

  10. nanlisa Says:

    Uncle Jim must have a really big farm. Is it bigger than the Douglas farm?

  11. jewfy2u Says:

    So long, you corn-shucking suckers!

  12. TimelordR Says:

    Jam Handy…creating tomorrow’s tea partiers, today!

  13. stonethestonedtiger Says:

    the corn was up to Gorage knee when he came.
    Garage is clearily srenkaing.

  14. gostosa302 Says:

    “Uncle Jim is out of control, we frag him today!”

  15. gostosa302 Says:

    “The baby chicks are so soft and cuddly.” And squishable!

  16. lysis28 Says:

    “So is this enough to get you up in the morning, huh? Okay. … So, cities, nightclubs, don’t mean anything to you, do they?”

  17. MikaUtsukushi Says:

    Puppies and kitten~<3 Sooo cute~<3

  18. LilLuna1985 Says:


  19. WalDemento999 Says:

    “A Jam Handy, HA HA!”

  20. MrCombat1965 Says:

    Goodbye!!!! We’ll send you that arm if we find it!!!!!

  21. DrPoon Says:

    Just throw them their winter cloths and floor it!


  22. BonnesNGlyde Says:

    @nicky2coats feels bad man.

  23. nicky2coats Says:

    great comments, people. just quote a line word for word as if i’m deaf and need your dictation. losers

  24. DGF2099 Says:

    Then one foggy chirstmas eve santa came to say…

  25. RabidKoala Says:

    Why, it’s a wonder that cities even exist….

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