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My Inseminator

Posted on 20 March 2017 by admin

Robert Whitacre is a professional artificial inseminator (AI) of cattle. He does this work with my son Matthew Davenport, who runs the Hollin Farm operation. We are breeding cows that have calved in October and November, and using semen from the Wye Plantation in Maryland. Owned and run by the University of Maryland as a research center, this farm has the oldest herds of Angus cattle in the USA. We are hoping for off-spring that will do better on grass than the kind of cattle favored by modern industrial feed lots.

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  1. vakerodacapulco Says:

    Very Good.Q buen video you must be a actor,you should be one.

  2. braford32 Says:

    Walking that close behind cattle to drive them in to a pen is a good way to get kicked.

  3. raudmees Says:

    how is babby formed? how girl get pragnent>

  4. DairyNZ Says:

    Best way is to drop the straws into water at room/air temperature rather than the heated water baths.

  5. grandtitles Says:

    I always play recordings to the cow of real life mating when I do the AI and have a very high success rate compared with others! I guess I must be doing something right!

  6. ADeadlyPancake Says:

    my grandpa bought a bull from wye a couple years ago and he has thrown alot of bull calfs. before he passed he bought another one and my uncle is usign that one right now cant wait till i see how that one does

  7. BxDav9 Says:

    If you thaw out the semen in water at 37 degrees centigrade for 30 seconds prior to insemination you will increase your conseption rate by 5%

  8. MYTFarms Says:

    Very nice. Glad that we got to see it up close. This was my first year doing A.I. on my herd.

  9. rawlings911 Says:

    Great video, great info, thanks for posting.

  10. kaoruneko16 Says:

    hahaha somebody marked my comment a ‘Thumbs Down.’

  11. eseloks505 Says:


  12. panzertoo Says:

    yes I understand that but once thawed frozen semen has a very shoert lifespan much shorted than chilled or fresh? generally you must be within 12 hours of ovulation?

  13. chicken448 Says:

    Frozen semen can last many years if stored in liquid nitrogen.

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