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John Deere Drive Green review!

Posted on 10 October 2014 by admin

PLEASE give me a thumbs up! PLEASE subscribe! Tal your friends about my channel! This is a review of John Deere Drive Green! It’s some sort of farming game or something on the PC of the Windows. It’s a bit rubbish but sort of good. Anyway, this has been uploaded especially for all of the lovelies at Team17 – BUY THEIR GAMES and I might thrash you at Worms: Reloaded on Steam some time!!! Gaming Mill has the skill…WONGA!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. rcoeb99 Says:

    That was soybeans not broccoli I farm and I have that game

  2. mrquad777 Says:

    i gave you a thumbs down for asking for a thumbs up.

  3. dwarted Says:

    You dont know anything about farming

  4. Rebekalovas Says:

    Hh good

  5. sebastain33 Says:

    Dude its a dog house, you don’t put sheep in it

  6. AbortedSheepFetus Says:


  7. Daniel134able Says:

    Also that’s not a “corn chopper” on the combine it’s used for beans and hay if you would have looked at what he’s harvesting you could distinguish what its used for that’s like seeing chopsticks and not knowing what they’re used for when somebody’s using them to eat right in front of you

  8. Daniel134able Says:

    U must be stupid if u don’t know what a combine is at the beginning of the video and really stupid to not know how to back up the cultivator with the tractor u turn the wheel the opposite way u want to go to swing out the trailer then turn the other way just sustain the turn and farmers aren’t all redneck and hicks

  9. ForeverYoungAaron Says:

    yeah i did

  10. LeoKinoske Says:

    Southern America consists mainly of Spanish speaking countries… I think you mean southern US.

  11. ForeverYoungAaron Says:

    southern america. like rednecks and such. xD

  12. HumanManwich Says:

    really nice fences in this one, i’m sure you’ll agree

  13. slacker450 Says:

    hey gamingmill are u going to re up load your videos for second life and king kong?

  14. LJJ23ARSRUL Says:

    wongaaa !!!

  15. NermanQ Says:

    This reminds me of a John Deere game I had that was like a management sim.  I was terrible at it.

  16. Jonnyboy666122 Says:

    Thats really funny GM , you might not be the best but you can sure make a good review

  17. 25318000s Says:

    @GamingMill Awesome to see this one again – hey GM, have you still got your Another World review? Would love to see you try and jump those spiked slug things again 🙂 wonga!

  18. Artuir82 Says:

    – also I meant “accent” not accident. I’m retarded. Haha

  19. Artuir82 Says:

    – given that it is a john deere game I figured it was obvious I was referring to the american southeast. You know, hillbilly hick accent. My bad 😀

  20. TheKartingLegend Says:

    i posted it before gaming mill made the annotation

  21. GamingMill Says:

    Southern where? There are lots of southern places.

  22. lewigimole Says:

    ……..combine harvister? maybe? hahahahahahahahahahaa

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