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JI Case 2594 Ertl Model Review

Posted on 27 May 2015 by admin

Here is an opinionated but factual review of my JI Case 2594 Ertl 1/64 farm toy. I have 5 of the 2470s, 2 of the 1470s, 3 of the old style 1070s, 5 of the 2594s in white and black, 1 case 2590, 1 case 1370, and 1 case 1270. I will be adding more and doing customizing of some of these in the future.

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  1. johndeerecollector93 Says:

    dude that 2594 with the saddle tanks are sweet i have the case ih 900 planter only i run mine with my 4430 with saddle tanks

  2. LackoFarms Says:

    thanks! yes they are, big CASE guy here if you havent figured that one out lol

  3. Dudeya86 Says:

    Great Video! i have a 1987 2594 with the 24 sp. powershift and its a great tractor

  4. LackoFarms Says:

    sorry I would not, but thanks for watching!

  5. LackoFarms Says:

    ya the saddle tanks are an add on from a toy parts supplier

  6. freddythestandard Says:

    i didn’t realize it but i have that tractor and planter, but not the side tanks.

  7. farmboy181 Says:

    We own one with sattle tanks. Would you ever sell that tractor with the planter?

  8. LackoFarms Says:

    lol you know what im saying

  9. LackoFarms Says:

    hey thanks!

  10. tractorboy8420 Says:

    sweet looking machiene! looks sharp! 5/5!

  11. LackoFarms Says:

    believe or not I have not seen one around here either. Every time I see one of these its in Indiana, Illinois, or Iowa pulling a planter lol

  12. LackoFarms Says:

    oh really? awesome didnt know that, but makes sense

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