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How to Milk a Cow Using a Milking Machine

Posted on 25 September 2016 by admin

How to Milk a Cow Using a Milking Machine

First, You have to “strip” the teats. You do this by enclosing your thumb and your pointer finger around the top of the teat. Then gently squeeze down on the teat.  This is done to help clean the teats out.
Then you need to dip the teats in iodine. This helps make sure the teats are clean enough for the milkers.
Next thing you need to do is clean off the iodine and dirt from the teats with a paper towel.
Now it is time to put the milkers on the teats. Once you hit the start button, the milker will act as a vacuum that will automatically milk out the teats.  This will take about 10 – 15 minutes…
When the cow is done being milked, the milkers will automatically come off and then you will need to dip the teats in iodine
The milk goes into a bowl before it is filtered through pipes and into a large tank. This tank will keep the milk cold until the milk truck comes by and picks up the milk.
Most farms have a different schedule for when they milk cows. If they milk at 4 a.m. then they will milk again at 4 p.m. or very close to those same times…
There are bands that some cows wear. These bands are to help the farm to know if the cow has any special needs. Example: A yellow band might mean that the cow is a slow milker, so the farmer knows to put that cow on first. A blue band might mean that a cow only has three teats with milk, so the farmer knows a plug will be needed in the fourth milker.
If the tail goes up…RUN!!! Otherwise, you might get a surprise that you don’t really want..

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