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Are There Many Types of Vegetarians?

Posted on 10 March 2017 by admin

Are There Many Types of Vegetarians?

Vegetarianism isn’t simply a dietary choice for many people, but it’s also a lifestyle choice. Just as there are many subgroups within every political religious group, there are many sub groups within vegetarianism. You can read about the different types below. You may belong to one of these types of vegetarians, or maybe you’re considering one of them?

Lacto Vegetarians

These types of vegetarians don’t eat any meat, but will consume dairy products like milk, cheese and so forth. People become a lacto vegetarian for various reasons, which can range from ethical, religious, health or weight loss reasons.

Some continue to eat dairy products because they feel they need it to balance out their diet. Sometimes someone is a lacto vegetarian not so much for dietary reasons. A common myth is that vegetarians are always healthy. Some choose to be lacto vegetarian because they still like to eat pizza and lots of pasta.

Ovo Vegetarians

These vegetarians do not eat any kind of meat, or dairy products. However, they do eat eggs. Sometimes vegetarians continue to eat eggs because they like eggs, or simply because they feel that they need extra protein to balance out their diet and stay healthy. People become an ovo vegetarian for health, religious or ethical reasons.


Pescatarians don’t eat any meat or dairy, but do eat fish. Some do this because they don’t think fish is an animal. Some eat fish because they feel like it rounds out their dietary needs in terms of protein, and B12, a necessary vitamin commonly found in animal products, but otherwise difficult to find in pure vegetarian diets.


Vegan is a type of vegetarian group that doesn’t eat any dairy products or animal products in general. Vegans more commonly become so for ethical reasons, avoiding all animal products in order to avoid causing harm to other beings. Many who take on a vegan lifestyle also avoid wearing animal products like animal skin and leather.

Some vegans though also choose this lifestyle for health and weight loss reasons. This leads to the vegan subgroups, like raw vegans and fruitarians.

Raw Vegans or Raw Foodists

Raw veganism is a type of vegetarianism that doesn’t eat any food that is heated up higher than 37 degrees Celcius. This generally means that nothing is cooked, in order to preserve the nutritional value. Raw vegans believe that heating up food causes the nutrients to break down and lose its value. The diet generally consists of fruits, vegetables, various nuts, non dairy butters and oils. They avoid any processing.

Raw vegans generally eat organic fruits and vegetables. Some eat raw vegan for ethical reasons, some for health benefits, some a combination of both.


Fruitarians are a subdivision of raw veganism. Fruitarians only eat fruits, so they don’t eat nuts, seeds, animal products and grains. Many fruitarians believe that this is the most natural diet because fruit is something that grows naturally and isn’t processed. This type of vegetarians will more likely eat this way because of health reasons, but also at the same time ethical reasons.

Macrobiotic Diet Vegetarians

This diet revolves mainly around having grains as a staple food, mixed in with things like vegetables and beans. The food is often cooked in pans or steamed. They also tend to eat certain foods seasonally. This type of vegetarianism avoids highly processed food or refined foods. There is a big emphasis on thoroughly chewing food and not overeating.

People eating a macrobiotic diet are more likely to eat for health reasons.

Occasional Meat Eaters

There is a type of vegetarians that eat mainly a vegetarian diet, whether it be lacto vegetarian, ovo vegetarian, various forms of raw veganism or macrobiotic, but also includes meat occasionally into their diet. This is sometimes done by people transitioning into a vegetarian diet, or are including more meat into their diet because they feel it balances out nutritional deficiencies they’ve developed.


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